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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Desperate Housewife

No, I'm not talking about the TV show, which I do not watch, but about little ol' me! It seems that this whole having-five-children-and-an-etsy-shop-and-attempting-to-make-a-new-wardrobe thing got a lot harder all at once! I don't know where the time goes! I wish I could be like this woman in the pictures, blissfully and serenely making her house beautiful calmly, all while wearing a plethora of colorful aprons, but the reality is, I am often frazzled, harried, annoyed, panicked, and most of the time wearing a layer of baby food, flour, or something worse over the outfit I choose hopefully in the morning. There are a few things I insist upon, one of them being that I get fully, fairly nicely dressed every day before taking my boys to school. I just feel so much better about life when I can at least put on some lipstick and go out into the world. I know lots of mothers who bring their children to school in pajamas, and think nothing of it; I don't judge them, in fact I admire their ability to "roll with the punches" and adapt to whatever is going on that morning, but for myself, I just can't mentally go there. The other thing that is important to me is to have my house looking as clean and inviting by dinnertime as I can make it. Now, I'm not married to a tyrannical, oppressive husband, and I know James would never fault me if he came home to a topsy-turvy house, but I feel as a homemaker, this is my foremost job, and I just wouldn't feel like I accomplished anything if I hadn't made significant progress on the home front by the time James got home. The sad truth is that the house often starts out looking great in the morning, and becomes progressively worse as the day wears on, despite my frenzied efforts to the contrary, and this bothers me. It seems like I should be getting somewhere for my efforts, and I guess staying ahead of the mess five children can make is a difficult task, but really? As I said in an earlier post, it is often close to midnight before I feel my job is done for the day, which gives me exactly seven and a half hours in which to sleep, sew, and make soap. Hardly enough. I need to either get on a better routine, or clone myself! I think I will start by allowing myself the breaks and the rest I need, because I think I will be much more effective if I start getting more rest. That brings to mind an old saying, which I recall from 'Mary Poppins', but I'm sure is much older than that, "Well begun is half done". I can hardly begin things well if I am not getting enough rest, so I vow to go to sleep no later than midnight from now on! EEK! That will be a hard one to stick to!  


  1. I think we're living the same life! I agree, keeping the house looking decent by the time hubby gets home is so important. I often let my hair go wild and stay in pajamas till 20 minutes before he walks through the door, just so I can keep cleaning. It's a never ending battle and I often think "Didn't I JUST wash this dish?" or "This towel hasn't even been used! Why am I washing it again?!" I'm getting better all the time. I pitched all of the useless crap in the house to make room for things we need. I organized from ceiling to floor so everything has a place and I try to clean up every night before bed so I don't have as much housework to do in the morning but it doesn't always work like that. I put myself on a housekeeping schedule and that's just about the smartest thing I've ever done! As for the rest, I write a to-do list and check it off when I get around to it. Life with messy husband and kids tends to throw a lot of wrenches in our well-laid plans but I'd rather have them than a perfect house anyway! :)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who scrambles at 6pm! A few weeks ago, James came home unexpectedly and I was so embarassed! He jokingly asked "Have we been robbed?", and I'm sad to say that that's ususally how the house looks right up until about 5 minutes before I expect him to get home! Oh, well, I keep trying!

  3. Hi. I've been there, am there! I, too, do not live with a tyrannical husband who demands that I keep the house neat, meal ready when he steps in the door, etc. However, I do live with a family-in-law of neat freaks. To them cleaning is meditative and relaxing. HA! I counter that meditative and relaxing is playing with my kids on my floor and filling up my "gas can" with their laughter! But, as one who suffers from depression, having a messy house gets to me bad. So I came up with a compromise with my husband- I would make our bed everyday, and clean one room everyday. I would make one room spotless.

    Since our little pact I've also agreed to pick up the living room everyday. This is the room he steps into when he first gets home and I have to admit, stepping into a non-cluttered living room is like stepping into a calming, enjoyable environment. Now, I only have two children, and one them just started preschool last week, so I've been able to do a lot more than what we agreed upon. But if I ever need to "fall back" on the original arrangement I know that I've accomplished enough to keep the family happy, and I LOVE that.

    I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home mom any day- mess and all! :) Thanks for the great blog.

  4. I feel the same way about being a stay-at-home mom! And it's great to compromise so that you both get some of what you want.

    I'm there with the bed being made, that's something that seems to be a barometer of how my day's going to go, I try to do that every day, but it is difficult, since I try to focus mostly on things that "show"!

    Now, I have four minutes left until the magic hour of midnight, when I turn into a pumpkin, and James is already turning off all the lights....he read my post and is going to hold me to my vow!

    Thanks for your kind words, and for finding my blog!

  5. LOL! That pumpkin comment cracked me up! :)