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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Name is Brandi; and I'm addicted to patterns.....I'm also REALLY bad at math!

Ok, full disclosure; the post I made yesterday; about homemaking: I just realized now that 1951 was in fact; 60 years ago; not fifty....

Wow; no more late-night blogging for me!

Today I woke up, ready for action; and while checking my etsy shop; noticed that one of my favorite shops Vintage Treasure Huntn had added some new patterns; and there were a few I just could not pass up; even though I have lots of patterns, lots of fabric; and almost no time or energy left! The one above is the one I finally decided to purchase; after justifying the expense six ways to Sunday and vowing to make it worth it by not buying new clothes for the next decade, at least!

Fortunately, Vintage Treasure Huntn has very reasonably-priced patterns; very much in the grasp of a budget-minded mama like me! The fact that it is my size made it seem like Serendipity; I just couldn't say no! It is a "half-size" pattern, which means a petite, but it's very easy to alter that, and the fact that I'm only 5'5" makes it even better. I have some fabric that would be perfect for this, probably the pink linen that I posted a picture of earlier, although I have to say I'm completely in love with the blue/grey with contrasting cuffs and belt, as shown for view A. I also have some navy blue and white polka dot, that may work, and the red accents for that would be darling. I'll have to wait until I get it, once the pattern is in my hands, inspiration just seems to flow better!

And I must, must, must make more time to sew this week; I don't want all my beautiful patterns to go to waste!


  1. I'd love to see pictures of it when its done! Also I love the baby clothes you have on your website with the soaps and lotions. So adorable!! Will you ever do any clothing for older girls? Like a size 8?

  2. I would love to! I love sewing right to pieces, but I can never seem to find the time to do as much sewing as I would like. I'll have to keep my eyes out for some vintage girl's wear. I just saw a patterns I was tempted by that was a mother/daughter set of pajamas, I think it was a girl's size 8 or 10; so sweet! It was from the fifties and adorable! I love girl's clothes, although of course I have no use for them myself!

  3. I have yet to tackle any garment sewing, it scares me to death for some reason. Hopefully soon you'll find the time and I'll find the courage. Happy creating!


  4. Sewing clothes is easy! I'm always in awe of quilters, my sister whips up fabulous quilts without a pattern, I've made a few quilts...that were terrible! I think it's the math (we've already established that I'm bad at that!). Start out with pajamas or a nighgown; they usually have easy pieces and instructions, and also there's no pressure to make them presentable! Happy creating to you , too!

  5. You're better at math than I am! I would have never noticed my error until someone pointed it out. *lol*
    I love this pattern! It's such a great dress for a busy momma and looks like you could whip it up pretty quickly. Please do post pics when you're done, I'd love to see it!! Good luck with your sewing this week! xoxo

  6. Thanks, Brittany! I love this dress because it's button front; essential for a nursing mama, and I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets!