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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Heart Free, Day-Old Baked Goods.....

My blog has a new look! It's totally revamped; I'm liking how bright and cheery it is! There's a not-funny story about that......*embarrassing*. Let's just say, I'm a bad, bad, blogger! So any of you tech-savvy people see me k do anything (else) that violates the Internet Laws That Everyone Follows Except Me, please let me know before I get into any <more> trouble!

Enough about that, look at the fun cake in the picture! It was free! Every week or every other week, we are the recipients of the baked goods from a local bakery; the ones they can't sell. There's a lady who works there that distributes them around town to anyone that can use them, and of course; we can use them! Some weeks it's lots and lots of bread and rolls, but my boys love it when there are lots of "treats". This being after Valentine's Day, there were lots and lots of treats; this cake, cupcakes, etc. It was a much-needed surprise, since yesterday I committed the capital offense of forgetting to make a dessert, and having a bunch of things in the freezer helps out immensely on days I can't get it together to make bread or rolls for dinner, much less a dessert. I've even come up with ways to use the items that are stale; I make garlic bread or little toasts with the baguettes that have seen better days; last time I was out of garlic and made an artichoke spread, then toasted the rounds in the oven. You can make French Toast with stale sliced bread; and for the donuts; James makes an awesome donut bread pudding that uses up tons and tons of stale donuts; although it is not exactly health food, so we save it for special occasions!

I have a hopefully productive weekend of sewing and soaping ahead of me; I've decided to switch my sewing strategy and start with the "must have" items for my vacation, since it's only a little over a month away! Aaak! I received that darling pattern I posted about earlier, it will make a great everyday dress, and I hope to use the fabric I already have for it.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ha ha, this reminds me of the day old bread store my Mom used to shop at back in the day (when you are as old as me, you talk a lot about the past lol).

    It was the only time we ever got white Wonder bread brand stuff, or maybe some REAL Hostess ding dongs!! They sure seemed to taste better back then, or maybe my old lady taste buds have changed now that I can afford the stuff now.

    Other times we'd buy a cheap loaf and go feed the ducks. Ahh really loved those fun times. =)

  2. I remember doing that with MY mom; and we would also go feed the ducks! I still go to the bread "thrift" stores when I don't have any bread on hand, 75 cents for whole grain bread? Can't beat it! Unless I make bread, then it's 25 cents...

  3. Hi! Glad to find you through the etsy busymomsteam!! What a cute blog. And a very yummy looking blog! I am not much of a cook myself, I see that I will need to visit you often for inspiration!

  4. Nice to see you on my blog! I'm happy to provide inspiration! I don't always LOVE to cook, but necessity is the mother of invention!