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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lipstick Blues....and Reds and Pinks

This is a first for me! I'm certainly no http://vavoomvintage.blogspot.com and I don't normally talk about fashion, but I felt compelled to blog about something that has given me all sorts of problems for years now. Lipstick. I've always loved makeup, loved wearing it, buying it, seeing it, experimenting with it. From the very first time I was allowed to wear makeup out of the house, I've always wanted to be a red lipstick wearer. In fact the very first time I was allowed to wear makeup out of the house, I was first required to remove the red lipstick I had applied! Red lipstick is to me, vintage glamour personified. From the very first Technicolor movies, I have watched gorgeous blondes and redheads with coloring similar to mine pull off the very reddest of the red lipsticks. This is a case where life does not imitate art! I have bought scores of red lipsticks, all claiming to be flattering to a fair complexion, all claiming to be low maintenance and smear and smudge free, comfortable, lasting, wonderful and beautiful. It is all lies! Lies! Red lipstick is not for the faint of heart! It requires constant peeks in the mirror, which I don't have time to do, even the long lasting stuff wears off eventually, leaving a horrible red ring around your lips, and the long-wearing kinds is devilishly uncomfortable, since it makes your lips feel like they are Spongebob when exposed to a heat lamp. I have purchased and tossed more lipstick than I care to admit, usually settling for lovely smooth lip balm and maybe a non-sticky lip gloss. I finally came to the conclusion that I am simply not a red lipstick lady, and decided to expand my horizons. I remember reading some review for Revlon Matte Lipstick, as being very vintage-y; and I decided to see going over to the dark side of a pink lipstick would suit me better. It is lovely! The lipstick itself is smooth and comfortable and the color Pink Pout is so similar to my natural lip color that it doesn't require constant touch-up and care. It also has the bonus of not making my rather large mouth resemble clown makeup; which is the other problem I've always had with red lipstick. For me, anyway, there's just so much red, it makes me feel like my lips arrive 20 minutes before the rest of me. I'm sold! I'm a pink lipstick lady now!


  1. aww, you are so sweet! I know what you mean, I have bought so many different lipsticks and most of the time they don't work out at all. I'm wearing more pinks and especially corals these days because they're much easier to deal with. I did find a long wear red that I'm loving but I save it for special dressy days.
    I remember my very first lipstick purchase. I was about 8 and my best friend was 10. We went to a pharmacy with our moms one day and my best friend was allowed to buy a lipstick so my mom said it would be okay if I picked one out too- just to wear at home for dress-up play. I desperately wanted the most bold red that they had but mom said NO WAY! I had to go with a sheer, shimmery pink instead. :( Oh, I was so broken-hearted!

  2. Oh, to be that gorgeous woman in the lipstick ad! It's funny how the first make-up you get you always remember. I loved my first makeup kit, it had red lipstick (that I wasn't allowed to wear) and very early-nineties makeup, including some ill-conceived blue eyeshadow...I agree, red is nice for dressy days, too much for everyday wear!