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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sound of My Silence

I don't usually post pictures of my family; but I can no longer resist! My Sweet Elvis!
I had a slightly overwhelming, busy day yesterday; and after the boys went to bed I absolutely collapsed with exhaustion even though I had a million and a half things to do, as always; and a must do thing (sewing a button on one of the few pairs of pants Bentley hasn't either worn out or outgrown). I even woke up at midnight to feed the baby and when back to sleep in my clothes; which is horrible. So at five, when Elvis woke up again, I took the opportunity to take a shower, and check my etsy shop and e-mails. I always love creeping quietly out to the living room when the house is quiet. It's the only time the house ever is quiet and I can have productive and reflective time to myself. I need to do that more often; of course, when I have the choice between that and sleep, it's a tough call.

It was also a momentous occasion this morning for my two and a half year old, Dorian. He was one of my easiest potty-trainers; I think because I was determined to rely almost totally on cloth underwear, and didn't soften the blow with Pull-Ups; which may as well be diapers, and I have found to lengthen the time it takes to potty-train; which is very counterproductive. Dorian has been in cloth underwear solely for several months now, except at night, because I've noticed staying dry at night lags behind potty-training by a few months. I vowed when I bought the last package of Pull-Ups that it would be the last package of pull-ups; and the night before last was the last one. We explained to him carefully that he was wearing real underwear and that he would have to stay dry. After an early snafu; shortly after he went to bed; which shows that he had been using the Pull-Ups as a crutch; he woke up this morning dry! What a big boy! I've been pleasantly surprised that potty-training has seemed to get easier with each boy; four and counting; I think it's a combination of my increasingly matter-of-fact attitude and having really sweet little boys who have all been serious about being a big boy!

In other big boy news; my sweet little Elvis, who is 7 and half months, and doesn't quite sit up yet; has decided to skip that step and start pulling up! I can't believe that my tiny boy, who was born what seems like yesterday; is becoming quite the little man! How fast they grow!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Happy Wednesday!

    I don't know a thing about potty training, but a good friend of mine got his 2 yr old grandson off pull-ups at the age of 2 (!!) by getting a fun toilet seat cover for kids, and asking him often if he had to 'go potty'. No food or drinks before bed, encouragement when they do the right thing, and it all fell in place for his GS very quickly. =)

  2. oh, he is just too cute for words! I've been seeing so many adorable little men lately and it makes me so excited to see my little guy's face for the first time! Congrats on the potty training front too! Pj and I are going to order some of those cloth training pants this week (the cheapy Gerber kind) and I can't wait to see how Olivia will like them. She's starting to learn to pull her pants down now and she loves to sit on the potty so I hope it goes smoothly! I'll be interested to see how different potty training is for boys and girls. I have a brother (who is 12 now and I'm 25) so I remember his potty training days. He was so good at sitting but we were all excited to see him stand up and pee. One day, he was playing with a toy castle when he stood up, pulled his pants down and peed standing up, filling up the castle's moat! We were so proud, we all cheered "Go, buddy! Go!!!" LOL

  3. It's great when the potty-training falls into place; I think I was too high-strung about it with my first boy; I worked at it for six months; stressing both of us out because I felt all this pressure to have him trained at a certain age. I still wish I could go back in time and redo it!

    Brittany, the cheap cloth are the way to go; I checked out some of the training pants at Cotton Babies; $20 EACH! I could buy diapers for months and months at that rate! The most important thing is not to put too much emphasis on it, and when a new sibling comes in it will get harder at first. There's definitely a physiological difference for boys and girls; I have three little sisters who I'm much older than, and it seemed they just developed bladder control younger. It seems to follow the same lines as speech, and girls are proficient at speaking earlier than boys as well. It is exciting when they finally "get it" and that is so different for each child! Not long now, and you'll have your own little guy! Exciting!