Thank you for visiting my blog; it is an exciting venture for me and I hope this will become a forum for moms and homemakers of all types to share stories, frustrations, and triumphs. There will be recipes, pictures of my latest and greatest soap creations, and anything I think will be interesting to Enthusiastic Homemakers.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My First Ever Blog Post!

This is a momenteous occasion. The confirmed Luddite, the technology phobe; the girl who swore she would never, ever, ever have a computer, so help me God, unless it were to save the life of my own son.....is now blogging on a COMPUTER.....It may have taken 57 times longer than it should have, it may have required a glass of wine, and caused a headache; but....IT IS DONE. I hope that I will actually write some things that are of interest, but if not, I have no problem speaking to myself, every day, for the rest of my life. I hope to have many posts about the trials and tribulations (and successes) of being a thrifty mama, a soapmaker, and the "good wife" sung about in the 1978 hit "Brandy", for which I was named....(my parents deny it, but COME ON).


  1. I LOVE IT! Quite the momentous occasion, I'd say. I'll look forward to reading all of your witty, interesting, cathartic posts. Your page speaks so much of you, with no words, even. I love the old fashioned sign with the coffee comment. See you soon! Love, SoCal Sis

  2. Wonderful design for your blog and most beautiful photo of your soaps cranberry style. Thanks for sharing, VintageTreasureHuntn