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Monday, December 27, 2010

My 1951 Betty Crocker cookbook never fails me!

One of my absolute favorite cookbooks is a complete reprint, down to the colorful cover, of the 1951 edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook. Tonight I made one of the go-to recipes: it is on a page called "Supper Breads", which I think is a novel idea for today's lifestyle; who knew there were breads meant to be had at supper, or that one was expected to have bread at supper, or even that there was such a thing as supper. The bread I made tonight was oatmeal bread. It is a nice soft bread with a nice crust, and is very quickly mixed up. I find that I can start it at about 3pm and still have it out of the oven for a 6pm dinner. One of the other great things about this book, is that the recipes tend to be healthier, not laden with butter or cream, quite by accident. It was important for homemakers in that day and age (much like the one we find ourselves in) to serve meals that were easy on the pocketbook, and simply by virtue of thriftiness ends up being better for our health. I love that word thriftiness, it is so seldom used these days. I enjoy the sections in this book devoted to helping the homemaker be thrifty; even trying out the meal plan charmingly titled. "Purse-String Supper". I keep this cookbook near at hand in my kitchen, and pull it out whenever all the recipes jumbling about in my head fail me.   

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