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Friday, December 31, 2010

All those wasted years when I could have been practicing hopscotch.....

I am an extremely clumsy Mama. Extremely. I have tripped and fallen at car washes, in parking lots, in parks, at home, and ironically; after I left a doctors appointment. When I was younger, this was mostly due to the 5 inch heels I wore as casually as tennis shoes; then becoming a Mama changed my center of gravity and I became able to trip and fall at the slightest provocation, or on nothing at all (or maybe I've just been truly clumsy all along?). So today started out much the same as any busy weekday, and I was zipping along, hopped up on black coffee and ambition, preparing for a visit from my little sister, when I hurriedly rushed across the living room and found myself sprawled across the floor in a most undignified manner. One of the ever-present toys on the floor was hiding underneath a pillow, and when I tried to step over it, I miscalculated and slipped. I ended up with a cruelly wrenched ankle, that looks absolutely fine while still throbbing in staccato. James came home early after I discovered it's all but impossible to carry on as usual with a baby on my hip, hopping on one foot, while trying not to say bad words. After three ibuprofen and a glass of wine, the throbbing eased sufficiently to allow me to give my sister a lesson on making espresso, then James took four of our five boys to the store; allowing me to sit and pore over vintage patterns on etsy and ebay, which has become my favorite pastime lately!

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  1. and a happy new year to you! hope your ankle is better tomorrow.