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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dutch Delight!

My mother came over yesterday, and along with a snack for my boys (she knows them well), she brought me this wonderful, colorful blue cast-iron Dutch Oven! What a surprise! I have been wanting one of these for years, since I love cooking with cast-iron, and have always admired the enameled ones, it makes the cast-iron even more practical, and of course, much more beautiful. She also told me about a Dutch recipe she has, which she calls "Dutch Delight", which is a much better name than the real name, "Mustard Soup". On her side of the family, our ancestors are Dutch, so she has learned to cook some wonderful Dutch dishes. Now all I have to do is decide what to make in my lovely new Dutch oven, which matches my kitchen, and is so pretty I want to just display it! Maybe beef stew, or a soup of some kind......


  1. That is a beautiful Dutch oven! I've always wanted to try cooking with one, but I don't have one yet. I'm following you from the Busy Moms on Etsy team.

  2. Thank you Brenda! It IS almost too pretty to use, but I did make a chicken cheese chowder in it tonight!I appreciate you ladies of the Busy Moms so much! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I love this dutch oven! I've been wanting a blue one ever since I saw one lst year that was shaped like a blueberry, I think it was from Le Cruset? Anyway, too cute!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's nice to see another curvy, crafty, vintage momma! xoxo

  4. Thanks, Brittany! I loved looking at all the lovely pictures from your blog! I read in your bio that you're only 24?! I wish I had been so together and sure of myself and my style at that age! I'm an extreme newcomer to all of my recent ventures, and it's great to get feedback from all you wonderful ladies! Even though I'm ahead of most of you Mama-wise (in numbers at least!), in other ways I feel like a newly-hatched chick and I'm learning so much from all of you! Thank you all!