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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

drumroll please.....VACATION!

I have very, very exciting news...at long last, after nearly seven years and three boys....we have made the decision to make the long and arduous drive to go to San Diego, James' hometown, and then spend three glorious days at "The Land" as his stepfather calls it! That's right, Disneyland with five boys ten and under by ourselves. Undoubtedly it will be difficult, expensive, and tiring, but it will also be a special family vacation that our boys will remember for the rest of their lives. We can only hope that the very fact that vacations are so infrequent for us will mean that they will be all the more memorable. I can't wait to see the look on the faces of the younger three when they see the magnificent Pacific ocean for the first time; and really, Bentley was only 9 months old the last time we were there, so it's the first time for him as well. Also, the looks on the faces of their Grandparents, both of whom have yet to see Elvis, and haven't seen the older boys for over a year, will be priceless. It will be a very special time! Now, I only have less than three months to figure out how to fit five boys, plus all their goodies in one car...hmmm. I also have been browsing vintage patterns sites (again) for swimwear patterns and cute shorts and dresses that will be breezy and comfy for our trip. I have a little "mad money" set aside (a very little), but if I'm careful, I should be able to find what I want at my favorite consignment store and make the rest! Oh for my sister's hairdressing skills! Alas, she is too far away to help my poor, drab hair! She's also forbidden me to touch it myself, and since I don't have the budget to have it done professionally, I may just have to figure out some cute ways to do my hair the way it is now....I really should do a wet-set more often, but I really dislike sleeping on pin-curls and curlers. I'll have to browse some how-to tutorials. However my hair looks, it will be so, so sweet to see my boys enjoying a vacation, I'm really looking forward to a whole ten day adventure with lots of wonderful family time!

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