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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pretty little houses all in a row....

Today I finally did a little project with my boys that I have been putting off for way, way, too long. I am ashamed to admit I bought these darling little birdhouses and the paint while I was still pregnant with Elvis, thinking it would be a great little project to do during the summer. I had this idyllic vision of myself in postpartum splendor, with my perfect sleeping angel in his bassinet, serenely painting birdhouses with my, of course, calm and non-fighting older boys. It must have been some kind of pregnancy-induced delusion of grandeur. I soon realized that simply getting everyone dressed in the morning was a struggle at first, never mind doing arts & crafts! I had forgotten how exhausting it is to give birth, and how much care a newborn required. I also had never fathomed what taking care of five boys entailed, never having done it before. So this, along with many of my other lofty ambitions, was postponed...indefinitely. So much so, that in the intervening six months, Dorian turned from a babyish 2 year old who had no interest in crafts, to a little 2 and half year old man, who is potty-trained, and loves to play Play-Doh, color, paint, and use copious amounts of Elmer's glue to stick papers to each other. This meant that the fourth birdhouse, which I had picked out for myself, turned into Dorian's very own creation, despite the heart-shaped doorway! I do wish I hadn't kept procrastinating about this project, it turned out to be surprisingly un-messy and was over in a blink. I hope this will teach me to embrace these little projects; I want these precious times to be what my boys remember when they grown up, hopefully it won't be overshadowed by all the times I said "no" because I imagined what they were asking to be too much trouble.

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