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Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Say Obsessed Like It's a Bad Thing

Ok, before I blog about something more mature; I have to point out my awesome new blinkie bloggy thing; the one right
HERE........I do adore it; Twilight it my guilty pleasure and I make no excuses!

Now I'm going to attempt to act like the staid, settled, 30 year old that I am.....The picture is the lovely springy flowers my sweet husband had delivered to the house on Friday! He knows that I like roses; but much prefer a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers, especially yellow and white flowers; and this bouquet also has snapdragons, which are his favorite and just happen to be the flower for my birth month, August. As I was typing this, I just thought of something I haven't thought of in years and years. When we were engaged, my 19 year old fiancee James used to bring me a fresh bouquet of flowers every week! And at the time, we didn't have much money (much like now), but he loved making sure I had fresh flowers! In the intervening 12+ years, the frequency of flower-bringing has of course diminished significantly; which I don't mind, because I always feel kind of sheepish when he gets me flowers; I'm a practical person by nature; and I hate money being spent on me. I know that he enjoys getting flowers for me; so I love it for that, and the bright colors are so cheerful!

On Saturday everyone got a little cabin fever because it rained, so we packed up the whole crew and went to the outlet mall; it's a bit of a drive through no-man's land; but worth it because there's a Lee outlet where I buy all of James' clothes. He hates it when I buy him clothes, but he was overdue, and has absolutely no summer clothes that haven't been worn to shreds. I also was on the hunt for some knit tops to go with some of the vintage pieces I've been making; my paisley wrap skirt in particular; and some of my capri pants. I was able to buy James several pairs of shorts, some Polo shirts and found myself some great breezy, pretty tops; all for a very reasonable price; I spent only 3.98 each for the tops I bought, and was able to find James name-brand shorts for less than 8 dollars!

Tonight we're having our usual Sunday Salads; and the usual giant pile of laundry! I'm looking forward to a very busy week; and hoping that Spring will finally make it's appearance!


  1. Ok, so it turns out my blinkie is not where I said it was...it's up at the top, but it's still AWESOME!

  2. The blinkie is awesome, but the flowers are gorgeous! What a sweet thing to do. :) And great job on the deals! I only wish that we had something like that near here.

  3. Great blog! Hope you don't mind if I follow :)


  4. So sweet that you still get flowers from him! I wish there was good outlet shopping near me; it is so much more fun to bargain-hunt than to pay full price for stuff!