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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry.....

I just realized today that we have exactly two weeks before we go on vacation. Where did the time go? And me with a half-finished swimsuit and not a wrap skirt to bless myself with! And my etsy shop is really picking up, which makes me worry about putting it on vacation mode; I'm still leaning towards "not"; just putting up a notice that says that shipping will be delayed until I return; which I think effectively dissuades a lot of people, but you can't have it all!

Up high on the list of the things I can't have right now, is the tan, toned body, I envisioned myself in on the beach...I considered getting a spray tan for about half a second; then decided to be true to my paleness. I'm not fooling anybody with the fake tan, and I actually like being an oddity in a sea of the perfectly tanned. Sure, I'd like to look great; but having an orange-y glow is not my idea of beauty. So I'll just go out with my fair skin, flashing like a beacon for the world to see! And the toned part it not necessarily happening; I've been rather neglectful of my gym membership lately, because I've been so, so, busy; and having five 9 and 10 pound babies is not conducive to a bikini bod! Cleansing breath! The only thing that matters, really; is having a great time with my family; I don't care if I look like a beached whale and everyone is blinded by the glare coming off my snow-white thunder thighs! I remember last time we visited San Diego; although I had lived there for three years and only been back in Idaho for three; I couldn't believe the contrast in the culture! Where in Idaho, I'm a fairly stylish and put-together person, I confess I felt like a country bumpkin! I remember my husband, a native San Diegan,  remarking while on the freeway with cars whizzing by us, "why is everyone in such a hurry?". Quite a culture shock, even for the initiated.

So, big girls don't cry, right?! I will not cry, no matter how many things I have left to do; my sleep deprivation, my dwindling soap stock, my white legs, or my Idaho style!

I'm going to wake up every morning, put on my new perfume and lipstick, and slog through my miles of housework and the ever-present laundry. I need to start putting less pressure on myself; no one except me expects me to have an immaculate house,  five children, and and etsy shop, but I do find it discouraging when I work so hard all day and seem to never make a dent. But, as my husband always says, my real job, my only job, is to take care of our boys, and any day that ends in them being happy, safe, and healthy is a success. 

On a much more fun note; I'm due for new summer shoes, and have been looking around for something to go with my vintage summer wear. I also have a wide foot, so finding something in a wide width is difficult; but here is what I found:

I think these are pretty, and since I'm accustomed to walking in higher wedges than these, I think these will be comfortable enough for at least one day at Disneyland. I love the white, I remember when white shoes were "in" and then most horribly out; so the white is fresh and eye-catching. I love to wear white shoes for some reason! I think I'll go and try these to make sure they're truly "wide", and then buy them!

Have a great Friday, everyone! 


  1. Oh, I LOVE those wedges! I also find that wedges are much more comfortable than heels, especially when it comes to chasing kids. Don't worry about your paleness, it's beautiful! All of the classic glamor girls of the 40's and 50's had pasty white skin too. In spite of my native american heritage (and dad who looks like a jamaican after he tans) I cannot tan- I burn instead. But I look on the bright side, ladies who never tan, look freakin' awesome in their old age because they don't have as much sun damage.
    Have fun in Disneyland!! I'm so envious. I can't wait till my kids are old enough to enjoy vacation. Good luck with your last-minute craziness! I'm sure it will all turn out just fine! xoxo

  2. Thank you Brittany, this is truly a long-awaited vacation; seven years! I can't wait to see my boys' faces when they see Disneyland for the first time! I do love to wear wedges; my favorite fushia velvet wedges are starting to look peaked and they're not good for summer anyway; I find them extremely comfortable for running around town in; maybe the white wedges can be my summer replacement!

  3. Jergens makes a self-tanner that is really natural (I think). I am pale by nature and am terrified I'll wind up with skin cancer, but I hate looking like the vampire at the beach...so...I use that lotion for maybe 1-2 weeks ahead of time and no one is the wiser ;)


  4. Love those shoes! I'm with Va-Voom Vintage, tanning might be pretty now...but just wait until we're 50! I have always spent a lot of time sunning in the summer, but have decided this year to opt for sunless tanning instead...I'm still doing research on that one, though! That is so awesome that you're taking your kids to Disneyland! I remember always wanting my parents to take me when I was little; they will never forget it! (I'm still trying to persuade my husband to go to Disneyworld sometime, but since we don't have any kids, I'm still waiting on a really good excuse to go...haha!)

  5. Stepanie; I have used that product before, it works pretty well, but I still find myself TOO WHITE for it! And I'm no good at evenly applying it...but, vampires are very "in" now; I think this year I'm just going to bite the bullet (silver?) and be the vampire-esque lady that I am! The funny thing is I CAN tan very well, I just don't spend a lot of time in the sun, which is just as well because skin cancer runs in my family. I'm going to give Bella a run for her money!

    Liana, you MUST go to Disneyland BEFORE you have kids! It's actually a very romantic location and there's so many things you can't do once you have kids! I know for our trip, I won't be able to go on a scary ride with James, because one of us has to be with the kids all the time, so we're talking about going to Disneyland once our kids are all grown up, or going sometime for a weekend once they're older...Disneyland is my FAVORITE place in the world!

  6. I recently took a mini holiday to the beach with some english friends. The girl is soooo tan and fried, I know she thinks she looks lovely....Meanwhile I wore my flowing beach pj's, hat, sunglasses, and slopped on heaps of sunscreen to preserve my pallor. She saw this as a personal affront- how dare I live in Australia and carefully cultivate pale skin! Hehe. If you're white, you're white, and anything else is called sun damage.