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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why e-bay? Part Two; or Why not?....

I knew I shouldn't give up so easily! I always tell my children that anything is possible; little did I know that it was possible to find a darling vintage swimsuit pattern.....for $3.99!!!; further that it was possible to win a bid on e-bay without breaking the bank! I was perusing every website know to creation for that elusive vintage pattern, and decided to try e-bay again. Lo and behold! There was a pattern described as a "Mid-century 3-piece bathing suit", which piqued my interest; then I noticed that the auction was ending in less than an hour and there were no bids. I learned yesterday that being the first bidder does not put you in a strong position, so I just kept the window open and waited until it counted down to two minutes; still no bids, so I bid at the starting price, and boom! I am the proud owner of a vintage swimsuit pattern! Now in life, nothing perfect, so it's true that this pattern is uh..a few..sizes too small, but I read an article the other day about resizing, and I think I can handle it. It is also strangely considered a "girl's" pattern, although it is a misses size; but I can pull off "girl", right? Also, I have to decide if the world is ready to see approximately 3 inches of the upper portion of my midriff; since this is one of those extremely high-waisted two pieces, that has full shorts for a bottom. I have been going to the gym, and while the lower portion of my abdomen looks like a train wreck, the top portion is relatively unscathed, though I wouldn't call it particularly attractive. I think I may be able to handle it, and I hope the rest of the world isn't too upset by the sight! Pictures to come!

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