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Friday, January 14, 2011

"Let's Just Keep An Eye On It"......

Don't you love that phrase? Uttered continually by doctors the world over, that is the phrase that most drives me crazy. Either tell me to worry or not worry; not to worry, then worry, then worry more if "it" gets worse! The phrase pretty much sums up the job of a stay-at-home-mom; we're always "keeping an eye on" things, from the cake in the oven, to that rash on the baby, to the prices of butter (bad!), to the social development of our children. I think I hate that phrase so much because it reduces me to not only a shriveled up nub of worry, but also that it underscores a reality that none of us want to face; we have no control...no control over whether our children get sick or hurt, or the economy gets better or worse, or if the dryer breaks or the dog bites or the bee stings....so, yes, I will refrain from blindfolding myself; and continue to simply keep an eye on it.

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