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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Borax...good for Everything?

I can't believe I lived thirty years before I discovered the wonder that is Borax. I have memories of my mom using it for....something; I guess I never bothered to figure out what, but I remember seeing the 20 mule team box under the kitchen sink. When I got my first soap making book and started soaping, I found a recipe for Borax soap, and at the time it seemed pretty strange to me, because I associated Borax with cleaning. How little I knew....I got a request from Maggie at http://vintagecorepatterns/blogspot.com to make Borax soap, because she said she used to buy some from a woman who called it Mineral Sparkle Soap. I had recently discovered what a versatile product Borax is; I make my own laundry detergent, and it's the star ingredient, along with washing soda and a few others things. I was thinking, OK, sure...I'll make you soap with that. Then I did some research and found Borax is widely used in the cosmetic and beauty industry and is actually very good at allowing troubled skin to heal itself. So I plunged in and made the Borax soap, and it turned out beautiful and sparkly.  I was packing a few boxes to send out tonight, including Maggie's Mineral Soap, and as I always do, I tested the soap on my very own sensitive skin. It was nice and lathery; I was quite impressed, and then I realized that I had just used the same star ingredient to clean my bathroom; it works, so, so well at hard water stains and makes the best chemical-free cleaner! So, it's pretty much the BEST mineral around; I need to buy it in bulk at this point, it's completely eliminated my need to buy household cleaners, since it works at everything from kitchen cleaning to laundry stain removal, and yes, even skin care! I can't believe I just wrote a love post to a product that sells at a grocery store for under three dollars....I mean, I thought I had standards!

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