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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh Boy.....

As the mom of all boys, I often get asked whether I am hoping for a girl "next time" or whether the reason I have so many boys is that I was "trying for a girl". And a few even less tactful responses such as TIPS for conceiving a girl. Yes, people go THERE.

I truly don't mind the comments (except the tips....) because I know that it's unusual for a mother to first HAVE so many children of one sex and even more to WANT children of one sex. I grew up surrounded by sisters, five of them last I checked. My one brother was a lot older than me and moved out of the house while I was still a young child, so it was a very female-centric household. Even back then, when I played with dolls, I was the odd one out that wanted the boy baby doll. I was enthralled early on with that musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and decided right then and there that I wanted to have a houseful of boys when I grew up. When engaged to be married, James and I had the usual "how many kids" talk and we decided on four because he wanted three and I wanted....five. Five boys preferably!

When every prenatal ultrasound revealed that we were indeed having boys, we were always excited, although at one time James imagined himself having a daughter, now he says he can't imagine it any other way. Besides he says, he should know that I always get what I want!

I keep waiting to feel wistful about not having a daughter. The truth is that I don't really care either way. If someday I have a daughter, it will be great, and funny too, because she would have five much older, much bigger brothers! But until then....I don't need to do the "dress up" thing, don't really want to have someone to go shopping with, my "girl's days" are had with my friends, not my daughter, and I don't necessarily want to pay for a wedding someday.

What I do have is very high-energy children that like to get dirty and eat a lot. I love my boys for their straightforwardness, if something is wrong they let me know and that's the end of it. Some jeans and a buzzcut and they're good. $250 a week in food instead of paying for hair accessories. It all evens out in the end....

And in case you didn't notice, I, like the mother in "Seven Brides" named my children in alphabetical order; Andrew, Bentley, Callan, Dorian, and Elvis. I love to keep things organized!

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