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Monday, August 6, 2012

Stormy Weather


Late summer in Idaho is always a time of EXTREME heat and frequent thunderstorms, although this year has been especially bad for both.

At the beginning of the summer, the air conditioner in my 10 year old trusty SUV went out, and having just recently paid the thing (which we bought used) off, I couldn't justify sinking money into what is essentially, a luxury. Oh, how I've eaten my words! Naturally, this would be the hottest summer in 5 years!

Most years, I'm comfortably ensconced in both air-conditioned car AND our 3 year old state of the art, high efficiency central a/c (which is the best investment we've made- ever), and the summers don't bother me too much. I really dislike heat. Intensely. This year though, spending so much time in my workshop AND not having a cool car has really taken a toll on me. Although I know I'm coming out of it MUCH better acclimated to heat. Not gonna lie, it hasn't been overly fun.

One bonus is that I've had fewer migraines this summer than last, but on the other hand, the storms that keep rolling through are playing havoc on the rest of my body. I have a genetic, apparently degenerative joint disorder that is usually no more than an annoyance. Every time a storm rolls through, I can feel it in my bones- literally. I'm strongly opposed to taking pain medicine, normally I don't even take Advil. But I must admit, a few times this summer I've wondered if it would REALLY be that bad for me to go to my doctor and say, "Ok- done this for 30 years, whip out that rx pad!". For years and years, it was mainly my knees that had the most pain, but lately (probably because of all the typing/packaging/soapmaking) my shoulders and wrists have been the worst.

I'm not ready to go there YET, though! Normally a hot bath and some rest fixes me up just fine, it's just annoying to be a human barometer. But in case anyone was wondering, yes there's a storm a-comin'. Just saying.....

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