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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 13 year....Glitch

......or how I accidentally got a new wedding ring: (written by me; posted elsewhere, reposted here)

So...my 13th anniversary is coming up on Tuesday. When I got married; I was 18; with a 25" waist. After 5 children; all over 9 pounds and 2 over 10 lbs.....I no longer have a 25" waist. At all. But, I've been wearing the same wedding ring all these years; I probably haven't taken it off in 5.

Well...yesterday; I realize that I have a blister on my ring finger where the point of my pear-shaped diamond has been poking into my now-fatter fingers. I decide to take my ring off so it can heal. I cannot get it off. I am severely claustrophobic and not being able to get my ring off is FREAKING ME OUT. But, trying to get the darn thing off is making my finger swell like crazy; making it truly impossible to get the thing off. Finally, I ask my husband to please take me to the Fire Dept. where they have a ring cutter. Yes, I'm THAT freaked.

We go; get the ring cut off; my finger is swollen like crazy but now I have NO RING. Duh! I've been thinking about getting a new setting for my diamond for at least 5 years; it's a rather dated gold thin band with a matching gold thin band for a wedding band. Keep in mind that in 1999; the wedding band cost $39.99 and the solitaire cost $900. That was a LOT of money for an 18 year old me and a 19 year old my husband!

We go to this gorgeous jewelry store where they ply us with pastries and shinies and I come to the terrible realization that gold has gone up SO MUCH in the last 13 years that to replace what I had with something similar (which I hate) would be WAY MORE THAN $39.99! We're talking like $800 just for a plain gold band!

But, I find; in the last jewelry case; where they keep the estate jewelry and the misfit stuff that nobody wants; at 50% discount....this gorgeous setting, in white gold with little diamonds all around! It's unique and amazing and they can set my original diamond into the center. It is not $39.99. It is not $900. It IS 50% off, though; and my choices are to go without a ring indefinitely, wear something I hate; or buy this one that I LOVE....with money I don't *technically* have.

I bought it. Eek. But my husband kept telling me that I deserve it; he wants me to have something I can wear forever; and blah blah. Plus, to sweeten the deal, the jeweler takes my now-destroyed band and setting and scraps them for me; $90 in scrap gold, woohoo!

And now I feel terrible. But also excited. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

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